Front door wreath for Spring: cheap and easy way to pimp your front door!

Front door wreath for Spring

I'm not a big fan of our front door.

I think it's boring.

But because there are no windows when you step inside our hallway, there are not a lot of options on improving our front door. We need the glass in our front door to shed some light into the darkness.

Front door wreath: pimp your door!

Luckily I have found a cheap and easy way to make our front door look much better! I ordered a Spring wreath on AliExpress.

And I think it looks great!

How does your front door look?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this at the Thursday Favorite Things party! I have been shopping for a spring wreath, but so many of them are over $50, and I am too cheap for that! lol I didn't even think of AliExpress, so thanks!


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