Houston, we have a no waist situation!

trinny woodall advice

When it comes to clothing, I'm very much a comfort girl.

I'm like the princess and the pea.

Everything should feel just right, or it will bother me.

Trinny Woodall

But lately I have discovered Trinny Woodall, who became famous with the English programme What not to wear.

Since then Trinny started her own Youtube channel, and I kind of like watching her videos. Sometimes it's nice to sweat the small stuff when the big stuff of life is simply  too overwhelming.

Sometimes it's nice to get all hot and bothered about what to wear, and whether the sleeves are just right or a big mistake.

No waist situation

One of the things Trinny is passionate about is women who don't show their waist. According to Trinny you look much better with your shirt tucked into your skirt or pants.

I, of course, am one of those women who wear their tops óver her skirts.

Because that feels more comfortable.

Look, I've got myself a waist!

However, it turns out when you watch someone telling you things about the best way to dress yourself, it somehow gets to you.

So this is me, being a little less comfortable, with my top tucked into my skirt!


N.B. Trinny didn't say anything about wearing Uggs!

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How do you dress? What are your priorities?

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  1. Hahaha! If I had a waist I would show it off! Your outfit looks great on you either way!

  2. I am not a big fan of Trinny, because I remember her make over program with Susannah and it was a show full of body shaming. Since I discovered queer eye, I know it can be done in a different way.

    1. I liked it a lot, and didn't feel it was about bodyshaming but about making women look nice.

  3. I tend to wear shirts over my waist and more at my hip area since I have longer legs and short torso. Plus, I agree with you that is much more comfortable! LOL.

  4. Indeed, if you have a waist show it off for sure.
    Thanks for linking with #pocolo

  5. I have seen heard of this show, maybe I should have a look. I ALWAYS wear my tops over my pant or skirt and not keen on tucking it in.
    I visited you via Thinking of the College Kids
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