Thrifty shopping: Royal Albert cup and saucer!


Royal albert cup and saucer

Look what my youngest daughter found for me in a local thrift shop!

Two Royal Albert cups with saucers.

Royal Albert cups with saucers

Inside the cups are the name of the month: February and July.

Royal Albert July

Royal Albert February

Royal Albert july

Royal Albert February

I really like living with the seasons.

I'm looking forward to using these cups and saucers with my daily morning coffee : )

How much did they cost?

Even in a thrift store they were not cheap. They cost 4,75 euros which is about 5 USD per cup and saucer.

What do you use to drink your coffee or tea?

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  1. Wow, they look gorgeus. I love your site, you're a true inspiration. I always think that at your age I'll be already gone and then I see you guys still rolling up the hill and it makes my heart sing. So many beautiful ideas still ahead.

  2. Those are so very cool.

  3. Those are so pretty. Love the floral designs. Thank you for linking up at Crazylittlelovebirds link party #2. We hope that you will join us again on Friday starting at 9 am MST.

  4. I've a set my gran left me, I don't use them enough, will be digging them out the back of the cupboard this weekend now
    Thanks for linking with #pocolo


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